Muslim Immigrants in France View Migration as ‘Recolonization’ in Response to Historical French Colonialism: “We Will Colonize Them for Life, Until Death, Until the End of Time” (VIDEO)

A shocking revelation came to light in a dialogue between a Rebel News reporter and a Muslim immigrant in France.

When questioned about the significant influx of Muslim immigrants to France, despite allegations of rampant racism, the response took a historical turn.

The immigrant made a bold admission, hinting at an impending long-term ‘colonization’ of France as a retribution to historical French invasions.

“They colonized us for 132 years, and now it’s our turn to come here… They colonized us for 132 years, and now we will colonize them for life, until death, until the end of time,” said the Muslim immigrant.


Another video showed Muslim immigrants admitting they are only in France for welfare and the red passport.

Another video showed Muslim chanting, “Allahu Akbar, we are not afraid. We were born Muslims. If the police kill us we have the right to kill. It is written in the Koran!”

Critics argue that France will be the first Islamic Republic in Europe.

The Muslim population in France is the largest in Western Europe, at an estimated 5.7 million people, according to Al Jazeera.

Compared to the general population, Muslims had a far higher unemployment rate (14% in October 2020) than other groups.

The tragic death of 17-year-old driver Nahel in France sparked nationwide rioting among Muslim immigrants, Blacks, and local citizens.

According to report from Middle East Eye, “The riots are a form of political dissent expressed by a generation of Muslims and non-white teenagers whose lives are deemed inferior, cheap, and meaningless by the French state.”

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