Islamic Rioters Hunt Police in France, Issue Death Threat: ‘We Are Muslims, We Have The Right to Kill You’ (Video)

Amidst the riots, over 500 police officers injured, even off-duty, as a harrowing video surfaces: an unconscious officer brutally beaten by Arab rioters, exposing the gravity of the ongoing violence.

Following the death of 17-year-old Naël [Nahel], a Muslim with a history of criminal offenses who almost ran over a police officer at a traffic stop, violent riots erupted in Nanterre. During a routine traffic control on June 27, a decorated former soldier with a decade-long career in the national police fatally shot the young man. Naël had gained a notorious reputation with 15 mentions in the criminal history file and five instances of refusal to comply since 2021. The tragic incident unfolded when he attempted to evade the police, ultimately leading to a confrontation that resulted in his demise.

The death of Naël became a rallying point for certain groups, primarily leftists and migrants, predominantly Muslims, who exploited the tragedy to ignite a wave of widespread violence and unrest across France. Their actions included rioting, wanton property destruction, targeted attacks on businesses, government buildings, and tourists, and even burning books and landmarks. The situation escalated with violent beatings of citizens, adding to the alarming chaos gripping the nation. Tragically, even police officers have become targets of threats and violence.

The escalation of this civil war-like situation sends shockwaves through the nation, with extreme violence gripping Nanterre and spreading across France. The mainly Islam-following Afro-Arab migrant rebels exhibit a chilling ferocity, casting a dark shadow over the city’s streets. Their menacing ideology seriously challenges the fabric of French society and Western values.

In a chilling video filmed during the riots, a Muslim is seen issuing direct threats to the lives of police officers, exacerbating an already volatile situation:

They killed our little brother- Allahu Akbar [Islamic Battle Cry].

Allahu Akbar.- Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar.

We are not afraid. We were born Muslims, praise be to Allah.

If the police kill us, we have the right to kill them. It is written in the Koran, here:

“Whoever kills you, you have the right to kill him”. “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!”

A step for justice is a step for peace.

It’s over for all of you, cops. (We will make you all get off the Pablo subway stop.) National police, everyone.

But no, no… We will never stop!

Look! Look! It will be even worse than in 2005!

We will never stop! In 2005…

Simultaneously, tens of thousands of brave police officers are courageously working to restore order amidst the chaos, facing the constant danger of those intent on causing harm or worse.

The impact on law enforcement has been severe, with over 500 police officers injured since the riots first erupted. Even off-duty police officers are targets for the rioters. For example, police sources have confirmed the disturbing authenticity of a viral video depicting a man lying unconscious on the ground, savagely beaten by Arab rioters. Shockingly, this man was revealed to be an off-duty French police officer, one of two off-duty officers who suffered severe injuries at the hands of the violent mob. The targeted attack occurred Thursday night, the third night of intense violence.

In the distressing video, one individual can be heard taunting the unconscious off-duty officer, callously remarking: “You’re knocked out on the ground, huh? That’s it, the Arabs — they f**ked you up.”

The police officer’s dedication to maintaining peace and protecting the public, even at great personal risk, underscores the immense challenges they face in upholding law and order during these violent times.

The French police’s representative unions, Alliance Police Nationale (APN) and UNSA Police have issued a resolute warning to the French government, expressing their frustration over the lack of support provided to law enforcement. The incident involving Naël has become a divisive platform for opportunistic left-wing politicians and celebrities who rushed to support Naël’s family without waiting for all the facts to emerge. Their striking hypocrisy is evident in their denouncement of law enforcement while ignoring the victims of crimes committed by illegal migrants, enabled by their own reckless open-border policies. Amidst this turmoil, the unions have declared a ‘war against vermin’ and demanded concrete legal protection to quell the unrest.

In a powerful statement, they declared, ‘Today, the police are in combat because we are at war. Tomorrow, we will enter resistance, and the government should be fully aware of this.’ In their official communique, they emphasized, ‘Confronted with these savage hordes, merely calling for calm is no longer sufficient; it must be imposed.’ The unions also stress the imperative of unity within the police family and assert that merely calling for calm is no longer enough.”

Amidst the chaos of violent riots and targeted attacks on law enforcement, France stands at a critical crossroads, where the courage and dedication of its brave police officers are pitted against a menacing ideology that threatens the very fabric of society. As the unions declare a ‘war against vermin’ and demand concrete legal protection, the nation must unite and confront the chilling ferocity exhibited by opportunistic leftists and migrants issuing death threats and attacking officers.

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