Chris Christie Reveals What He Will Do If Trump Keeps Skipping Debates

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, a member of the Republican Party, has cautioned that should ex-President Donald Trump continue to abstain from GOP primary debates, Christie will start pursuing him across the nation.

In a recent discussion on Fox News’s “Media Buzz” with Howard Kurtz, Christie articulated this sentiment.

“But did Trump defuse your strategy of going toe-to-toe with him by staying off the debate stage and saying since he’s gotten a big lead nationally in the national polls, that he is not going to do any of the debates?” Kurtz asked.

Christie replied, “Well, if he doesn’t do any of the debates, Howie, you know, we’re gonna give him another chance. I’m sure he’s not coming to the Reagan debate. We’ll give him another chance in Alabama. But if he doesn’t come there, then I’m going to follow him around the country. Wherever he goes, I’ll go. And we’ll wind up talking to each other one way or the other. And he knows that’s true.”

“You’re going to change your travel schedule to go where Trump goes?” Kurtz questioned.

“You bet,” Christie replied.

The 45th president, who is 77 years old, revealed last month that he would abstain from participating in the GOP primary debates. However, it remained ambiguous whether he was referring to only the initial two debates or all subsequent ones.

Trump referred to a CBS News survey at that time, which indicated his dominance over the other contenders in nationwide polls, and proclaimed: “I WILL THEREFORE NOT BE DOING THE DEBATES!”

Earlier that day, RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel expressed her optimism, stating she is “still holding out hope that [former] President Trump will come” as she believes it’s “so important that the American people hear from all the candidates.”

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