Was Illegal Chinese COVID Lab in Reedley A CCP Biowarfare Lab?

A COVID lab run by a shady Chinese company was operating in Reedley, CA in the Central San Joaquin Valley, the Globe first reported July 28, 2023. We wanted to know why. The lab, which was supposed to be an empty building, was discovered by Reedley city code enforcement officers when they saw a garden hose attached to the building and investigated.

Officials found potentially infectious agents and both bacterial and viral agents in the lab, including, chlamydia, E. Coli, streptococcus pneumonia, hepatitis B and C, herpes 1 and 5 and rubella. The CDC also found samples of malaria.

The Globe spoke with Reedley Code Enforcement Officer Jesalyn Harper, who said the original lab was in Fresno and was operated by Universal Meditech, Inc., which received a business license from the State of California March 20, 2019 – exactly one year to the day before Gov. Gavin Newsom’s State of Emergency Order locking down the entire state over the COVID-19 virus.

Universal Meditech operated a lab inside the warehouse, but because of  and electrical fire and water sprinkler damage, learned they were about to be evicted. They were also facing bankruptcy. That is when Prestige Biotech, their largest creditor ostensibly took over and hastily moved everything in October 2022 to the Reedley warehouse for storage, sublet from a cabinet and countertop business called Alliance. There was a recycling business on the property as well.

The building has been illegally operated since October 2022 by Wang Zhaolin of Prestige Biotech, and the lab was used to produce COVID-19 tests and pregnancy tests. The early report said the mice were genetically engineered to catch and carry COVID-19 – for what purpose is unsettling.

Officer Harper made numerous attempts to contact the owner of Prestige Biotech, Inc., but the owner, Xiuqin Yao, told Harper in an email that she lives in China and could only communicate by email. It was a dodge.

The Globe posed several questions:

Why was a Chinese company making COVID-19 tests in California?

Where were these tests to be used? California public health agencies? Medical groups and hospitals?

Is the California Department of Public Health involved?

Who authorized this lab?

What does the Newsom administration know about this?

Are there other Chinese labs in California or the rest of the country?

Our report went viral.

Frank Gaffney, the Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Policy under President Ronald Reagan, and the Founder of the Center for Security Policy addressed the seriousness of the events in our article from a national security standpoint in his own article, Are there more ticking Chinese biowarfare time-bombs here?:

…”the Communist Chinese appear to have covertly established a toxic waste dump and/or laboratory with the inherent capability of producing biological weapons in proximity to a key U.S. military facility – and a lot of Americans – in central California.  

An alarming webinar examining this development yesterday established the following: 

This facility either was an actual biowarfare lab or could rapidly be used as such. Freshly manufactured biological agents are more lethal. And, if the lab’s expensive, genetically modified mice or other means delivered such agents to a key Navy base nearby, it could be devastating to our Pacific fleet’s combat capabilities. 

Gaffney also asked: “Are there more of these CCP time-bombs in America?”

Gaffney held a webinar titled, Chinese Carry-Out: A CCP Biowarfare Lab in California? Webinar to Examine the Ominous Implications of What We Know – and Don’t.

Participating in the webinar were:

  • Brian Kennedy, Chairman, Committee on the Present Danger: China; President of American Strategy Group; Former President, Claremont Institute
    • Topic: “California Nightmare: The CCP’s ‘Unrestricted Warfare’ includes Biological Attacks”
  • Hon. Pete Hoekstra, former Member of Congress and Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee; former U.S. Ambassador to the Netherlands
    • Topic: “The CCP is at War with America: The Team B III Report on COVID’s Origins Validated and the Next Shoe to Drop?”
  • Dr. Steven Hatfill, M.D., M.Sc., M.Sc., M.Med., Former Senior Medical Advisor to the Executive Office of the President; Member Team B III; author, “Three Seconds Until Midnight,” co-author of “The CCP is at War with America”
    • Topic: “An Assessment of the Illegal Lab in California: Biohazard or Biowarfare?”
  • J.R. Nyquist, Author, “Origins of the Fourth World War : And the Coming Wars of Mass Destruction;” Essayist at JRNyquist.blog
    • Topic: “The Chinese Communist Party’s Plans for Biological Warfare against America”
  • Charles “Sam” Faddis, Former Career Clandestine Service Officer, Central Intelligence Agency; Army veteran; author, “The Decline and Fall of the CIA”; editor, AndMagazine.com at Substack
    • Topic: “The Threat of Biowarfare Terrorism in America from the CCP –  and Others”
  • Colonel John Mills, U.S. Army (Ret.), Former Special Operator specializing in Psychological Warfare; former senior executive responsible for Cyber Policy in the Office of Secretary of Defense; author, “The Nation Will Follow: Firsthand Experiences Fighting the Deep State and the Action Plan for the American Citizen”
    • Topic: “The CCP’s Plans for War on the American Homefront and What We Must Do to Foil Them”

Gaffney asked: “Who exactly was responsible for what was being done in this makeshift laboratory? Was it intended to produce and unleash its toxic substances as weapons against the American people? And most importantly, are there other such facilities elsewhere in this country?”

Several of the participants co-authored “The CCP is at War with America: The Team B III Report on COVID’s Origins Validated and the Next Shoe to Drop?” 

Brian Kennedy: “This wasn’t incidental discoveries,” he said. He asked:

  1. How is it they were operating here? Was this a covert biological weapons lab or were these just entrepreneurs from China opening a business here?”
  2. “Where was American Counterintelligence in all of this?” Kennedy asked. He said China spends $14 billion to $16 billion a year in intelligence influence operations they wage on the west. “Where was the counterintelligence who seemingly should be tracking this $14 – $16 billion of activity?”

Kennedy questioned why it took local code enforcement officials in Reedley working with Fresno County to discern this. “What role today does the FBI play in securing the United Sates from the Chinese Communist Party operations in this country – and this lab is a good way in looking at that.”

He also said we need to look at immigration because of the Chinese nationals coming across the border – men of military age coming to the U.S. “Are they operating labs like this? Are they prepared to weaponize labs like this” he asked. “It is the intent of the CCP, but what are we going to do about this?” he asked.

Hon. Pete Hoekstra: Warned that China’s global aspirations are to displace the U.S. in all areas – military, economy, political. “They are at war to become the world’s sole super power.”

“China’s strategy is unrestricted warfare,” Hoekstra said. “They are willing to attack America using every tool they have.” He said one of the weapons is bio weapons – biowarfare. The book, “The CCP is at War with America: The Team B III Report on COVID’s Origins Validated and the Next Shoe to Drop?”  addressed that the COVID virus originated in the Wuhan, China lab. “The U.S. played a role – Dr. Fauci, the CDC funded numerous operations in Wuhan,” Hoekstra said. He said the CCP should see this as a victory with the lockdowns, business interruptions, as well as the unprecedented spending which has led to inflation. “And the human cost – 1 million dead from COVID in the United States.”

America’s freedoms, and the unprecedented steps taken – lockdowns, mandates, vaccines, and “the most important lesson – no accountability – even as the evidence is overwhelming that the CCP is responsible for this,” Hoekstra said.  He added that the CCP does this in concert with the private sector, corporate America. And mentioned a battery plant in his home state of Michigan – that the federal government is funding.

Dr. Steven Hatfill, author of Three Seconds Until Midnight, co-author of “The CCP is at War with America: “Is this just a biohazard or biological warfare?” he asked. “Biological warfare is a tremendous worry. It’s a duel use of technology – the same laboratory equipment and techniques for advancements in equipment, in medical and pharmaceuticals are directly applicable to biological warfare – the intentional use of human pathogens or toxics to cause disease and death in humans and animals and plants… crops – oats, wheat and especially soybeans.”

While Dr. Hatfill said his impression of the operation was a couple of businessmen trying to cash-in on the 2020 demand for COVID tests, he noted the FDA recalled some of their products. But he really wanted to know, “What were they doing in the U.S.?” He warned that a lab working on vaccines could be converted in a week into a massive virus production factory.

J.R. Nyquist: “Communism and Socialism – a destructionist ideology,” he said. “Despite its humanitarian proclamations, it is about the concentration of power in a few hands, the reduction of the population into a servitude, and it has within it the urgency to extend dominance to the rest of the world.”

He covered dictators throughout history and current, and how they all want weapons of mass destruction. “Mao Zedong and his successors in China, have the same enthusiasm. Context I encountered in what they found in California.”

He discussed GRU defector Stanislav Lunev, a former Soviet military officer, the highest-ranking GRU officer to defect from Russia to the United States in 1992. Nyquist said Lunev warned about secret agreements negotiated  between the Russian Federation and China and a future war between China and Russia versus the United States.  China wanted control of the lower 48 states, and Russia would get control of Alaska and Canada, with other countries invited in for looting rights.

Nyquist said China wants to make a second China in the lower 48 states. They will exterminate the population, or at least reduce it, and move hundreds of millions of Chinese colonists.

He said China would convince the world that Taiwan was the target, but the real target is the United States. His final point was that top CCP leaders have studied WWII and German and Japan, and concluded that they did not strike the fatal blow to America in the heartland, and that is key for winning future world wars.

Charles “Sam” Faddis: He warned that this is not science fiction – it’s biological warfare. “Biological weapons are regarded as poor man’s nuclear weapons – and they can kill millions and millions of people,” Faddis said. “COVID provided the template, and has shown everyone exactly how you can execute a successful biological warfare.”

He warned that in the U.S. we are not prepared for this, and everything we did in response to COVID was wrong.  “The lab in Reedley may be some fly-by-night Chinese businessmen, but may be a biological warfare threat.”

Faddis said 40 miles away is a Naval Air Station which is home to all of the Navy’s F/A-18 Super Hornet strike fighters (Naval Air Station Lemoore). “And 40 miles away is a lab with access to China, playing with a host of very dangerous organisms.”

“Maybe this is just by chance, or jus shady businessmen. Maybe this is preparation for an attack and there sa thing from an intelligence perspective is we have no idea,” Faddis said.

“Where is American intelligence? Nowhere in sight at all.”

Colonel John Mills: Mills shared “Advance Force” operations – “a very important American military doctrine in joint operational military planning.” He said Reedley was an advance force operation, which in the U.S. is when the President says “send in the advance force elements,” in phase zero: surveillance, planning, eyes on target, and a lot of resources.

“This whole event screamed ‘advance force’ to me,” he said. This lab is no coincidence at all- it’s a sophisticated operation, or unsophisticated – it’s al part of a coordinate campaign of China setting the stage for conflict with the U.S.”

Mills said the Fentanyl epidemic is a Chinese advance force operation. “We are losing 10,000 a month now – that’s 120,000 [people] a year [dead]. Last year it was 70,000.”

“Part of the advance force is to set the stage for bigger things,” Mills said. “Reedley is just the tip of the spear for bigger things. We’ve got to wake up our defense base, our intelligence community, get the scales out off their eyes put there by CRT and DEI.”

“I’m seeing no evidence we’ve spun-up the defense response package.”

Could this be really happening in the Central Valley of California? The Globe still has a lot of questions about the Mysterious Chinese COVID Lab Uncovered in City of Reedley CA.

Original Article: https://californiaglobe.com/articles/was-illegal-chinese-covid-lab-in-reedley-a-ccp-biowarfare-lab/