Pelosi kicked off coordinated Kamala hit. Black divas fire off warning as more Dems pile on.

It’s a coordinated hit!

EVERYBODY in the Democrat Party appears to be dumping on Vice President Kamala Harris, not just former speaker Nancy Pelosi.

As previously reported, Pelosi threw the vice president under the bus on Wednesday, deflecting multiple times when asked point-blank by CNN’s Anderson Cooper whether Harris is right for the job.

Then on Thursday, Rep. Jamie Raskin pulled a similar stunt, repeatedly dodging a simple question about Harris from CNN’s Jake Tapper.

“Do you think Vice President Kamala Harris is the best running mate for President Biden? And what do you make of Speaker Pelosi’s answer there?” Tapper asked him.

“I mean, there didn’t seem to be anything wrong with that answer,” Raskin initially responded, defending Pelosi’s otherwise uber-viral comments, before trying to change the subject of the discussion to the ongoing government shutdown battle.

“Congressman, you are doing what Speaker Pelosi did, which is not answering the question. Do you think Kamala Harris is the best running mate for President Biden?” Tapper, to his credit, then pushed back.

Raskin replied this time by suggesting the question is irrelevant since the VP decision is “President Joe Biden’s choice.”

“I think she’s an excellent running mate for President Biden. … [T]here’s a very strong policy record to run on there. And I want to resist the tendency to try to trivialize all politics by making it just about personalities,” he added.

Again Tapper pushed back.

Watch the back-and-forth exchange below:

“It’s just a simple question. Do you think Kamala Harris is the best running mate for President Biden? You have said she’s excellent. That’s further than Speaker Pelosi went, but … Do you think Kamala Harris is the best running mate for President Biden, yes or no?”  Tapper asked.

Raskin repeated the previous answer about Harris being an “excellent running mate.”

“I mean, I don’t know what else I can say, other than she would be an excellent running mate and an excellent vice president,”  he said.

“You say, I don’t know what I can say. The answer is, you could say yes. You could say, yes, I think Kamala Harris is the best vice president and the best running mate for President Biden. That’s the answer you could be giving right now. Yes, she is,” Tapper replied.

Or he could have said no …

How did Raskin respond this time? By suggesting Tapper could be the president’s VP choice.

“I have not seen any public opinion polling. You might be a stronger vice presidential running mate than her or me or anybody else. I don’t know who else, if you’re talking about the polling. But I will tell you, as a matter of substance and public policy, she’d be an excellent choice. And she and the president have done an excellent job,” he said.

Uh huh …

The only exception so far has been “The View” co-host Sunny Hostin, who said bluntly on Thursday that the president will lose the black vote if he dares replace Harris with anybody else.


“I would be very careful, President Biden, about getting rid of Kamala Harris because we will not support you. … If Biden gets rid of Kamala Harris and inserts someone else, he will lose the black vote,” she said.

Co-host Whoopi Goldberg also got in on it by arguing that a vice president has never been replaced before.

None of this behavior came as a surprise to Fox News host Jesse Watters. Late Thursday on Fox News’ “Jesse Watters Primetime,” he argued that the entire Democrat Party appears to be lost vis-a-vis Harris.

Conversely, he said, the Republican Party is increasingly united around former President Donald Trump.

“I’ve never seen the Democratic media Matrix so out of touch with their own base and I’ve never seen their messaging machines so discombobulated. When was the last time Sunny, Whoopi, Hillary, and Nancy all disagreed?” he said.

The reference to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton may have concerned what she said in January when she reportedly privately said that Harris lacks the “political instincts” for the job.

“Palpable doubt is emanating from every pore of the left. Joe Biden is only useful as a Trump blockade. He doesn’t have to be able to talk or walk as long as [when] Trump turns the doorknob to the White House, Joe Biden keeps it locked,” Watters continued.

“But that lock is looking faulty. Brand new Fox News poll out: Trump’s beating Biden by two, 48-46. Not only that, but most Republicans are beating Biden,” he added.

Listen to his remarks below:

He concluded by predicting that “changes” are coming …

“We’re not going to make predictions, but we can tell you the Biden-Harris ticket, according to Democrats and the polls, doesn’t look like a winning one. So changes are going to have to be made,” he said.

“We don’t know what those changes are, but we do know that changes will be forced upon them because they don’t control their own destinies, which means there’s going to be resistance, and the only way the Democrats know how to fight is dirty,” he added.

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