A video of a woman claiming to be a Florida preschool teacher has gone viral for the way she bragged about turning children against their families. It is unclear why at this point there are teachers who don’t understand how the Internet works when they brag about what horrible specimens they are in their classrooms. Maybe going @LibsOfTikTok famous is valuable currency among leftists.

The story as told by DeDe is that she had a traumatic upbringing and instead of talking to a psychiatrist, she uses her classroom of preschoolers as her emotional support. She teaches them if they don’t like their family, they can choose other families. Instead of, you know, teaching them sight words, numbers, and how to use scissors.

“I think everyone should be allowed to do that,” she ranted. “And that’s what I f*cking teach in the classroom. Okay? I always say give it to your friend and not your mom. Because f*ck your mom.”

When I was in eighth grade, my math teacher used to brag to us all the time about how rich her husband was and how she didn’t need her teaching job. She was also a horrible teacher. It was inappropriate for her to be dumping her personal life on us, but at least at fourteen we were old enough to determine “B*tch, no one cares.”

Preschoolers range from three to five years old. I don’t care how traumatized your childhood was or how your parents didn’t affirm your “truths” growing up. To dump that on three to five-year-olds and tell them they try to turn them against their own families is evil. To dump your personal baggage on children while they are a captive audience is evil.

The alarming thing is not how teachers use their classrooms as therapy sessions. It’s how those same teachers think it’s weird and offensive for others to criticize them and say it’s inappropriate.

Buy a diary or get a dog. Don’t dump your sh*t on your students.

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